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Books in our life. Книги. Английские топики, темы.

      In my opinion people can't live without books. I believe that books are with us during all our life.

      When I was a child, my parents read me interesting books. I liked to listen to stories and fairy-tales. They taught me to be kind, clever, hardworking, to understand other people and help them. If I have free time I like to spend it with my favourite books.

      You can learn many interesting things from them. I think that books help us in self-education. They form our values and character.

      Now there are many books in the shops. But sometimes it is difficult to find a book which you want to read. That's why some people like to get books in libraries. But nowadays we can read practically all the books in the Internet. As for me, I think it is very practical. Besides, the Internet is helpful when I have to make a report, when I need information on some subjects.

      Different people like to read different kinds of books. Some people prefer detective stories or science fiction. Others like historical books. Girls and women prefer love stories. Children like comics and fairy-tales very much.

      As for me, I prefer science fiction. In my opinion this genre of literature is very interesting and exciting. My favourite book is “Maximus Grom”, by Lilia Kurpatova-Kim. In fact, it’s a series of several books about future life on the Earth. The main character of these books is Maksim Gromov, a 15 years old genius. He is a real personality. He is clever, brave and strong. In all the books Maxim wants to save life in the high-tech civilization and to find his place in the world. This work is a hybrid of such books as “Matrix”, “Harry Potter” and “Alchemist”. When I have free time I enjoy re-reading these books.