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Составьте текст, оканчивающийся фразой: "Таким образом, 10 лет спустя, он добился того, чего хотел."

When Jack reached 14 years old, in the mirror he saw a very plump, stout boy with a spotted face, a huge belly, legs, arms.  In fact, everything in him was too big. In his age he resembled a 40-year-old fat woman. The boy hated himself for his weight, for his ugly body, but he couldn’t do anything with it. He constantly felt depressed and he tried to calm himself by eating.  Of course, it became only worse.

Jack didn’t have friends.  Girls didn’t look at him and if they did, it was a torture for the boy.  All his classmates used to mock at him, addressing Jack only “Fat Rat”. Sometimes the boy thought about the uselessness of his life and didn’t want it to go on.

But still, he was a young boy. The last school year was coming to its end when one day he realized that he had fallen in love. Alison wasn’t a beauty, but she was cute enough to attract a boy. Jack pulled all his courage together and invited the girl for a prom. To his greatest surprise, Alison agreed. The boy was looking forward to this day. But, unfortunately, it was too good to be true. When on the day of the prom, Jack came to the girl’s house, he saw her with another boy, Tom Dickens, who used to mock at Jack most of all. The only phrase he heard was, “You really thought I’d go with the ugliest boy in our school… did you? Poor, Fat Rat!”

It was a tipping point for the boy. He managed to pull himself together. A special diet, fitness, healthy way of life became Jack’s best friends. 

Many years had passed, when on the day of school reunion nobody could recognize a handsome and prosperous young man. It was our Jack! A sweet revenge.. but it’s another story. After ten years of effort, he finally got what he had always wanted!