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Топик тема My Hobby.

There are many differnt kinds of hobbies. Every person has their ones. Some people draw and dance, others play volleyball, football, chess, some people do crafts.

All these occupations are for our enjoyment.

As for me, I like to listen to music, to play computer games and to play chess. Chess is a very interesting game. It makes you think and train your brains. Music allows to have a rest and to relax.

Besides, I like some dynamic games. I like to play football most of all. But I enjoy not only playing football, but watching it as well.

In general, I like to mix with interesting people and it's my hobby too.  There are such old words of wisdom: "You should mix with people who are more than 70 and less than 6 years old." I agree to it and I try to do it, but still I know few persons of such an age.

Our hobbies are not constant, they are changing during lifetime. But still there are some permanent hobbies. I hope that some of my hobbies will last all my life.