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Английские топики, темы. Mass Media. Средства массовой информации.

      We live in the world of information. It is everywhere and sometimes it is even more valuable than money. Mass media, that is the press, radio, television and the Internet, play an important role in our society. They inform, educate, entertain and give us all the kinds of information.

      The press is one of the most powerful kinds of mass media. Nowadays there are daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines. My family gets “Novorossiyskiy Rabochiy” every day. It is the most famous daily newspapers in our town. Sometimes my mother buys women's magazines and my father reads sports magazines. There are also a lot of children's magazines. They are colourful and have a lot of pictures. My younger brother likes to read them very much.

      Television plays a big role in our society, too. Most people have several TV-sets at home. Television gives a great opportunity for people to learn news. The are also a lot of educational programmes, children’s programmes, films and soap operas on TV. Talk shows are also very popular with people nowadays. I usually watch news and films on television. My mother likes soap operas, my father prefers sports programmes and political talk shows. My brother watches cartoons and educational programmes. I think that it is impossible to live without television.

      Radio is less popular than newspapers and television. People listen to the radio in cars, at work and at home. I usually listen to the radio when I do my homework because it helps me to think. There is a lot of music on modern radio and very few conversations. Every hour radio stations tell us news in brief.

      The Internet is the newest kind of mass media. More and more people use it in Russia regularly. If you have the Internet, you may not read newspapers or listen to the radio. You may not watch television.

      I use the Internet very often. I chat with people all over the world online and read news. I use the Internet to find important information for my studies, too.

      There are both advantages and disadvantages of mass media. The advantages are the following: mass media educate and entertain people. The disadvantage is that sometimes this or that information is not reliable.