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Английские топики, темы. My Friend. Мой друг.

      I think that friendship is very important in our life. I believe that a person can’t live without friends. They say that a friend in need is a friend indeed. I think it is really so. A good friend is a friend who always wants to do something useful for you, who can give good advice, who can keep secrets.

      As for me I have many friends. We spend much time together, going out to the cinema or to the disco parties, speaking about lessons and music, discussing our problems.

      Now I’d like to tell you some words about my best friend. His name is ________. His surname is ________. He is __ years old. _______ was born on the ___ of ______ in 19____ .

      He is a pupil. _______ studies in the ___th form and he goes to school Number ___. I think that he is a hardworking person. His favourite subjects are English and especially Informatics. He uses his computer very often. May be, Informatics will be a part of his future career.

      He likes his family very much. It’s not very big - his mother and his father. They all are great friends and deeply attached to each other _________ likes reading. He prefers to read science fiction. His favourite book is __________.

      He likes music and he prefers to listen to rock music. And his favourite bands are _________, __________. Besides, he plays the guitar very well.

      _______ also goes in for sports. He is good at swimming. He visits a swimming–pool 3 times a week. _______ believes that only sport makes people healthy, active and forms a character.

      And as for his character he is cheerful, honest, and sociable. He doesn’t respect rude, selfish and foolish people. It's interesting for him to live, to open new things.

      So, I like my friend very much. I think he is a true friend. Our friendship is very dear to me and I try to be a good friend too.