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Упражнения по английскому языку. Present Perfect Continuous. Настоящее завершённо-длительное время.

Упражнение№ 1. Раскройте скобки.

1. James is in his room, he (to play) there since the morning. 2. For 3 hours now we (to chat) about it and we haven’t come to any decision yet. 3. Jane, do you know where my hat is? I (to look) for it for half an hour and I can’t find it. 4. Your cousinr (to dance) with that red-haired girl since she came into the room. 5. He (to try) to solve this problem for several months now but he hasn’t found a solution yet. 6. He (to teach) at school for twenty years. 7. Mr. Smith (to work) in his room since early morning. 8. The children (to sleep) for 5 hours.

Упражнение№ 2. Переведите предложения. Задайте общий вопрос. Ответьте "Да. Нет."

1. We have been waiting for you since 12 o’clock. 2. He has been working here for 2 hours. 3. How long have they been sleeping? 4. I’ve been waiting here since three o’clock. 5. That noise has been going on since they came home. 6. The telephone has been ringing for five minutes, why don’t you answer it.7. He has been coming here day after day for years.

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