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Огромное СПАСИБО Наталье Трухиной за предоставленные упражнения!:)

Составьте предложения из слов:

1. On, England, east, Ocean, the, of, is, Atlantic, side, the.
2. Live, nine, in, million, London, nearly, persons.
3. A, England, the, is, Thames, in, river.
4. Wide, is, the, very, river.
5. The, two, the, connect, of, parts, city, bridges.
6. This, of, of, city, a, make, part, plan, the.
7. Friends, in, live, our, London.
8. And, my, to, it, give, him, pencil, take.
9. In, put, books, your, take, their, and, bag, them.
10. Of, the, read, the, end, text.

Вставить пропущенные слова.
1-Drivers; 2-also; 3-in the evening; 4-often; 5-bicycle; 6-near; 7-opens;
8-there; 9-rooms; 10-must.
1.She ______ goes to work.
2. The driver ______ has a red car.
3. I have two _________ .
4. He often goes for a walk ___________ .
5. There’s a good ________ in the shop.
6. He looks at the door and ______ it.
7. I see three little boys _____ the red tower.
8. I _____ go to school.
9. I like to work ____ .
10. Two _____ have no windows.

My day.
1. I want to tell you about my day.
2. I get up at 8 o’ clock.
3. Then I go to the bathroom and have a wash.
4. I wash my faсe, hands, neck with cold water.
5. I clean my teeth with tooth-paste.
6. Then I come back to my bedroom, dress myself and brush my hair with
a hair-brush.
7. After that I go to the kitchen and have breakfast.
8. Sometimes I have breakfast with my mother. But usually I eat breakfast alone.
9. I like to eat porridge, bread and butter, fruit and vegetables at breakfast.
10. I like to drink tea with sugar, lemon or with jam. Sometimes I drink coffee with milk in the morning.
11. After breakfast I go to school.
12. I finish my studies at about 6 o’ clock.
13. In the evening we all have supper.
14. We drink tea with biscuits prepared by mother. She is a good cook.
15. At 11 o’ clock I go to bed.
16. Before going to bed I have a wash in the bathroom and say good night to my family.

1. When do you get up?
2. What do you do in the bathroom?
3. Whom do you have breakfast with?
4. What do like to eat and to drink at breakfast?
5. What do you do after breakfast?
6. When do you finish your studies?
7. What do you do in the evening?
8. When do you go to bed?
9. What do you do before going to bed?

Допиши слова, вставив окончания:
le, ve, ll, il, t, ber, ther, ing, nd, er, day, sday,
Twel ... , eigh ... , sma ... , Decem ... , Apr ... , Mon ... , Wedne ... ,wint ... , spr ... , frie ... ,grandma ... ,tab ... .

Части тела.
Допиши окончания: s, d, ad, r, st, th, der, e, p, t, ow, g, ir, ee, se.
Голова - he ... , волосы - ha ... , ухо - ea ... , глаз - ey ... , нос -
no ... , рот - mou ... , плечо - shoul ... , рука - han ... , локоть -
elb ... , запястье - wri ... , бедро - hi ... , нога - le ... , колено - kn ... cтупня - foo ... , пальцы ног - toe ... .

Составь слова из букв.
Le, ab, t -
or, lo, f -
ed,b -
or, do -
dy, s, tu -
ok, bo -
et, l -
en, op -
en, cil, p -
e, se -
ld, i, ch -
iv, e, g -
ck, la, b -
ie, fr, nd -

Составь предложения.
1. A, and, pencil, pen, a I, take.
2. Geology, man, that, studies.
3. Take, plans, friends, his.
4. Maps, I, the, see.
5. My, bag, take.
6. It, in, put, maps, my.
7. Table, on, it, the, put.
8. Me, a, give, pencil, black.
9. Box, open, the.
10. Boxes, he, the, opens.
11. Box, men, the, take, let, that.
12. Apple, an, me, let, take.
13. His, Nick, the, takes, maps, them, in, bag, and, puts.
14. On, notebook, put, the, table, that.
15. Bag, Helen, a, me, good, gives.
16. Woman, see, a, we.
17. I, five, children, see.
18. A, his, and, notebooks, puts, child, the, in, pencils, bag.
19. Well, study, children, the.
20. They, mathematics, study.

Составь предложения:
1. Has, a, he, brother.
2. Book, me, your, give.

Составь предложения:
1. Has, a, he, brother.
2. Book, me, your, give.
3. Like, I, cat, the, white.
4. Cat, eat, to, want, a, the, mouse.
5. Teacher, a, to, be, I, want.
6. Friend, have, a, wants, to, cat, the.
7. The, kitchen, a, fridge, is, there, in.
8. Are, chair, there, a, the, in, room.

Составь слова
1. ss, la, g.
2. Tt, er, bu.
3. La, p, te.
4. Om, d, be, ro.
5. Ch, en, kit.
6. L, ng, o.
7. Ll, ma, s.
8. Ch, ea, t, er.

Вставь пропущенные буквы: ee, tt, oo, ss, at, u,
er, ng, al,ck, th, y, e.
Видеть- s...e, сыр - ch... se, мама - mo ...er, глаз - e...e,
чашка - c...p, масло - bu ... er, ложка - sp ... n, cтакан -
gla ... , балкон - b ... cony, квартира - fl ... , часы - clo ...,
гостиная - livi ...-room, плита - cook ...

Составь слова из букв.
1. Le, pp, a -
2. ea, br, d -
3. ik, e, l -
4. p, en, o -
5. ok, bo,op, c, y -
6. it, e, wh -
7. r, f, ou -
8. e, e, y -
9. el, e, v, tw -
10. dr, wa, ob, r, e -
11. a, ll, w -
12. ur, at, s, ay, d -
13. ua, an, ry, j -

Составь предложения из слов.
1. Grapes, to, I, eat, like.
2. To, not, I, do, milk, drink, like.
3. And, she, run, can, jump.
4. Can, ducks, swim, the.
5. Is, hamster, my, funny.
6. Likes, girl, a, sing, to.
7. Are, plums, the, in, there, plate.
8. Water, is, a, in, glass, there.
9. A, map, Helen, me, good, give.
10. His, pencils, in, the, pens, child, puts, a, bag, and.

Вставь нужные слова в предложения: 1-are, 2-well, 3- puts,
4-kitchen, 5-there, 6-lives, 7-is, 8- carrots, 9-put, 10-study,
11-opens, 12-see.
1. Nick takes the books and ____ them in his bag.
2. The children study _____ .
3. They ______ mathematics.
4. We ______ five women.
5. He ______ the boxes.
6. I _____ the lamp on the table.
7. It ___ a good dog.
8. The elephant ______ in Africa.
9. Rabbits like to eat ________ .
10. There ____ plates, glasses and cups in the cupboard.
11. _____ is a wardrobe in the bedroom.
12. There is a sink in the ________ .
Составь предложения из слов:
1. Am, I, big.
2. Face, have, a, nice, I.
3. And, cats, dogs, she, likes.
4. Swim, Nick, cannot.
5. Has, Ann, white, a, dog, big.

Составить слова из данных букв:
1- qu, ip, e
2- th, ar, e, ke, qu, a
3- il, et, a, d
4- v, o, er, c
5- vi, ac, y, ti, t
6- ora, ex, on, pl, i, t
7- me, st, in, nt, ru
8- ch, ro, hy, d, al, ic, em
9- lo, o, ge, al, c, gi
10- ly, e, n, al, ge, r
11- i, ce, en, c, s
12- rt, er, u, a,q
13- ie, sc, st, nt, i
14- ar, ic, ar, t, ul, ly, p
15- a, is, d, n, l
16- cl, en, t, e, ta
17- w, no, n, nk, u
18- lc, o, an, o, v
19- ou, i, r, va, s
20- eci, p, es, s,

Написать транскрипцию предложений.

1. My cat is small.
2. She eats meat.
3. The boy likes cakes.
4. A teacher is strong.
5. I have many shirts.

Вставить пропущенные слова: to the forest, in a tree, bread and butter, dirty.
1. A boy take his _______ shirt.
2. A bird lives __________ .
3. The girl eats ______________ .
4. I go ____________ with my friend.

Найти и исправить ошибки в предложениях.
1. I has much friends.
2. A boy has many corn.
3. She see birds.
4. Cats likes meat and fich.
5. We has ten green book.
6. My dog mast run in the forests.

Составить слова
1. or, lo, f
2. et, ca, rp,
3. ble, ta
4. il ing, ce
5. ha, c, ir
6. rdr, wa, obe
7. a, bl, ck
8. te, i, wh
9. br, n, ow
10. en, cil, p
11. er, mo, th
12. ndf, er, ath, gra
13. si, er, st
14. mi, fa, ly

1. or, ct do
2. ach, te, er
3. p,ot,il
4. ow,cl,n
5. k, oo, c
6. ork, w, er
7. sa, or, il
8. ost, n, ma, p

Body.Вставить пропущенные буквы: m, ng, o, c, y, a, ai, s, e, ea, t.

H ... d, fa...e, ar..., l...g, f...ot, fi ... er, e...e, e...r, no...e, mou...h, h ... r

Цвет знамен и побед
Море, где стоит Артек
Цвет волков и цвет мышей
Цвет полей пшеницы спелой
А медведь по кличке Бравый
цвет какой избрал он:
На санках зимой катайся, давай,
а снег по цвету называется:
Я очень синий цвет люблю,
а по- английски это:

Найти и исправить ошибки в предложениях.
1. I lives in a small homes.
2. My dog are blac.
3. A girl like milk.
4. A boy musts go.
5. They has ten pencil.
6. His friend cans swim and ran.

Вставить английские слова.
He (видит) me. We (пишем) these (слова). (Женщины и дети) put the apples (в) a large box. He takes (свою) pen. The house (наших друзей). England (находится) in Europe. These pencils (черные). She (может читать) well. Go (в тот город). Ann is (за столом). The building (имеет) a tower at the top. These men (имеют) many friends. (Есть) many wide rivers in Russia. (Когда) do the visitors (приходят)? (Где) is the yellow flower? (Что находится) on the table? (Кто знает) this? They (не имеют) much time. He (не живет) in Moscow. I (не работаю) in this city. I (никогда) go there. In summer my room is (прохладнее) than the other room. It is (самая лучшая) of all these books. I work (больше). A (спящий) child. A month ago they (помогли) us in our work. I (знал) that he (был) in that city. They (взяли) it with them. I (подумаю) about your plan. He (даст) you the answer in an hour.